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Can Ohio Roofers Pay Your Deductible According to Ohio Insurance Law?

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In the aftermath of storm damage, homeowners often find themselves navigating a complex web of insurance claims, repairs, and deductibles. If you’re a resident of Ohio, facing roofing issues due to hail or wind damage, you might be wondering – can roofers pay your deductible? Join us as we jump into the intricacies of Ohio insurance law, exploring the role of ohio roofers in storm damage claims and the implications for your deductible.

Understanding Ohio Insurance Law

Ohio, like many states, has specific regulations governing insurance claims arising from storm damage. Hail and wind damage are common culprits that can wreak havoc on roofs, necessitating timely repairs. According to Ohio insurance law, homeowners are entitled to file claims for such damages (wind, hail, wind driven debris, ice dam, ect.), with the expectation that their insurance policy will cover the costs.

Roofers and Storm Damage Claims

Roofers play a crucial role in the aftermath of storm damage. Their expertise is instrumental in assessing the extent of the damage and providing a detailed estimate for repairs. However, it’s important to note that Ohio law prohibits roofers from directly paying homeowners’ insurance deductibles.

The Role of Deductibles

Insurance deductibles are the out-of-pocket expenses that homeowners are required to pay before their insurance coverage kicks in. Ohio insurance law is clear on this matter – homeowners are responsible for their deductible, and roofers are prohibited by law from shouldering this financial burden on behalf of the homeowner.

This means your deductible should be paid in-full directly to the contractor who performs the repairs according to the insurance scope.

Implications for Homeowners

While roofers cannot pay your deductible, they can assist in various other ways. Reputable roofing companies, like Alpha Roofing & Construction, will work closely with homeowners to navigate the insurance claims process. They can help ensure that the damage is properly documented and that the necessary information is provided to the insurance company, facilitating a smoother and more efficient claims process.

At Alpha Roofing & Construction, we document the storm damage, and write a scope of work that is submitted to the insurance company for evaluation. We have worked closely with insurance companies for years, and understand how each company has their own way writing their repair scopes – which makes the repair process quick and easy for all parties.


In conclusion, when facing wind, hail or storm damage in Ohio, it’s important to be aware of your rights and responsibilities under Ohio insurance law. Roofers, such as Alpha Roofing & Construction, are valuable allies in the process, guiding you through the intricacies of insurance claims while adhering to the legal framework. While they can’t pay your deductible directly, their expertise ensures that you receive the maximum coverage and assistance possible in restoring your home to its former glory.

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