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Roof Replacement Ohio

Are you looking to replace or repair your roof? Here’s how to make a decision

Roofs are essential to any building. They act as a barrier and keep us safe from the sun, rain, wind, snow, and extreme temperatures. The interior of any residential or commercial building will soon deteriorate without a roof.

Additionally, roof damage can lead to pest infestations, mold and mildew, increased heating and cooling bills, and problems with resale.

Roofs are built to last for many decades. But, how do you deal with unexpected catastrophes and normal wear and tear that causes damage to your roof? You may not be able to tell if your roof needs to be repaired or replaced without having the right knowledge.

We’ve got your back. We’ll be discussing the decision-making process for repairing or replacing your roofing system from an expert’s point of view.

A free roof inspection is available to ensure you get the best advice possible for your situation. After we inspect your roof, there’s no obligation. We’ll then be able to give you the right advice.

Here are some considerations to help you make a decision about whether to have a roofing replacement or repair your roof.

What’s involved in roof repairs?  

You may need a roof repair for minor or moderate damage. This home improvement project can restore your roof system and even extend the lifespan of an older roof.

It is something that every homeowner has to tackle at some time in their lives. It’s possible to repair the damages yourself, but it’s better to call a roofing company for professional advice.

Roof repair does not involve tearing down your entire roof to make room for a new one. It focuses on a specific area. Depending on what type of damage is being done, repairs may include filling in small gaps and replacing missing or damaged materials. You or a contractor qualified in roofing repair will need to identify and fix the problem before you can do any repairs.

A pair of binoculars can be used to inspect a roof from the ground. Roof problems can be identified if you find broken or missing roofing shingles, cracks in flashing, or nail pops.

You can get a professional roof inspection for free if you want to make sure every corner is properly examined. 

What is involved in a roof replacement?  

Roof repairs only address a part of the roof structure. You’re replacing the whole structure if you repair it. The home improvement involves removing everything to expose the deck and possibly repairing sheathing, roofers, and trusses.

A roof replacement can be more expensive upfront because it requires more work than a repair. In some cases, however, a new roof might be able to help you save money over the long term.

In the event that your roof is severely damaged by weather such as hail, tornadoes, or straight-line winds, it’s important to have insurance. Your roof will be repaired or replaced.

It is also a sign that your roof may be sagging. It is a serious problem that can indicate your roof is at high risk of collapse.

The roof replacement process can be more complicated than a simple roof repair. For a small-sized roof replacement project, it can take several roofing contractors up to four days to complete.

As with roof repairs, a replacement will also require a comprehensive inspection. Roofers will assess the extent of damage and determine whether a repair or complete replacement is possible.

After the contractor has reviewed your roof and identified any issues, they will start to replace it.

How do you choose between a roof replacement and repair?

It is not like painting your rooms or giving your cabinets a new finish. Roof repairs and replacements are large home improvements that need to be considered. It is important to choose the right process for your roof in order to get the most value for your money.

Nobody wants to repair the damage with new shingles only for it to worsen. It is not worth spending money on a whole roof replacement, even if it would be a simple fix. Here are some factors to consider before you decide on the best option to solve your roof problems.

Roof Age  

Although roofs can be durable and are designed to protect against the weather and elements, they don’t last forever. Each roofing material has a lifespan or life expectancy. This can be used to determine when you should replace your roof. Asphalt roofing shingles last about two decades.

Clay roof tiles and metal roofing materials take longer to wear down. When your roof’s life expectancy is nearing its end, it will start showing signs of age. It’s usually a smarter investment to replace your entire roof, rather than pay for repairs repeatedly.

Roof Condition  

Next is to assess the state and extent of the damage to your roof. It could have suffered from severe physical damage or deterioration. Some roof damage may not be repairable. One example is if a tree fell on your roof, creating large holes that are impossible to repair.

A roof repair may be possible if the damage isn’t severe enough to affect a single area or 30 percent of your roof. The extent of the damage may not be apparent if it’s underneath. A professional roofing company will conduct a thorough inspection. It is the best way to make the right decision.

Roof Areas Affected  

It is possible to assess the extent of damage and determine whether you should replace or repair the roof. A roofing company may be able to help if the damage is small or isolated. A small hole could exist in the roof if there is a leak above your bedroom or dining room.

Most often, minor damage can be fixed. It is best to replace your entire roof if it has more than 30% damage.

The bottom line: Deciding whether to repair or replace your roof  

Now that you know what roof repair is and what it entails, you will probably be able to understand the importance of an inspection to evaluate your roof condition. We encourage you to arrange a free inspection so that we can inspect your roof, determine its true condition, then suggest and offer solutions to your specific roofing problems.

It’s much easier to let professionals make this decision for you. Also, there is no cost to you. Contact us with any questions you may have before scheduling an inspection. Alpha Roofing and Construction is here to help!

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